About us

1STMAN is a multi-media content creation platform for men that aims to help, inform and entertain. The type of content we produce ranges through fitness, fashion, grooming, women, success and culture. The form of content we produce can be documentaries, short films, standard video content, written blogs, podcasts and galleries.

Our content is either filmed by our professional camera crew or written by our full-time writers or experts in their respected fields. We often collaborate with industry professionals such as personal trainers for fitness content, Dr’s for medical content, male influencers for fashion content, travel experts for travel content and a whole range of influencers for interviews.

We’re a London based company but our main audience is the United States followed by United Kingdom and Canada.

Our aim over the next 5 years is to create thousands of written pieces of content but to gradually make a switch over to becoming a video dominant platform. The internet is destined to become video dominant and we want to stay ahead of this curve as we strive to be the leading men’s lifestyle website globally.

We’ve identified the UK, Canada and Australia as areas of the world that have large English speaking audiences but do not have many modern/forward thinking men’s lifestyle brands to look to for guidance, advice or entertainment.

We understand that our audience is our strength and want to create not only quality content that attracts visitors, but content that gets them coming back and staying on our site/social channels for hours at a time, almost like a TV channel/Netflix type of platform.

This is why we are so keen to populate our website with video dominant content as it has the highest average time, engagement, shares and trust among modern and younger audiences.

We have selected fitness, success and women as the three content areas that are untapped and have huge potential for increased traffic. These will be the content areas we focus on most to build credibility in our own niche. Once established we are going to broaden out opening up dedicated departments for each subject.

We have looked at the Amazon approach as inspiration. There are fitness supplement companies, there are toy companies and there are book companies, Amazon is all of these and does it better than they do. We want to have a fitness section that is better than a dedicated fitness brand, we want to have a car section better than dedicated car blogs and so on. People use Amazon because everything is in one convenient place, we hope people will come to 1STMAN because everything male related is in one place without compromising on quality.

Who founded 1STMAN?

Founder of 1STMAN is Kris Sturmey a men’s expert with over 6 years of experience running men’s self-improvement and lifestyle blogs.

Kris use to run MSICollege – stands for Men’s Self-Improvement College, before the website was sadly corrupted and deleted.

MSICollege became the largest men’s self-improvement/lifestyle website in Europe with 250k unique visitors per month.

Kris wrote nearly every article on the website, over 1000, with over 100 podcasts on YouTube where he was featured in every one.

It’s a similar story with 1STMAN, Kris decided to begin again from scratch with the same format as before, however a couple of years on the game had changed a little.

Articles were no longer the dominant format of viewship. Kris made an attempt to focus on video and audio first, with articles being more of a support rather than the leading feature of the brand.


1STMAN is also represented by Kris Sturmey’s business partner and men’s personal trainer Steve Walker who many of you may have seen in the video; 25 best exercises for burning body fat on the 1STMAN website.

Steve Walker has over 15 years of personal training experience, is a speaker for men’s events and owns a gym in Spain where he runs retreats for men. Steve trains some of London’s wealthiest clients, including CEO’s of FTSE 100 companies.