what age do men peak at

What Age do Men Peak and Become Most Attractive at?

Every man wants to feel like “the man” at somepoint in his life.

However with sports and music giving us the impression that young men rule the world, it’s hard to understand how it really works for everybody else.

A 21 year old athlete or artist may gain the spotlight early on in life and then see life tail-off during their 30’s.

The average man starts from the bottom of the bottom and has to work his way up. With hard work this happens a lot later in life, after that man has battled through poverty, terrible jobs and rejection from women etc.

So when can men expect to experience the good life at their peak?

What age do men peak at/become most attractive to women?

The age men are most attractive to women is 35. The age when men peak is 37.

But there’s far more components to breakdown.

Learning age 7

Brain power age 18

Testosterone age 18

Coordination age 24

Strength age 25

Cardio/Endurance age 28

Muscle & Bone mass age 30

Memory age 32

Attractiveness to women age 35

Entrepreneur success age 42

Focus age 43

Highest earnings age 48

Empathy age 51

Vocabulary age 71

Mental health age 82

Average – Peak

If we add up all of the above numbers and divide them by how many there are, we get the average age of 37, which we have deemed is when men are at their peak. If we also look at when men are most attractive to women; age 35, it’s fair to say that this mid-to-late 30’s window is confidently the best years for a man.

The importance for men comes in the form of making the most of this peak.

It’s very easy to see your teens and 20’s as your peak and to waste these years going as hard as possible, drinking, smoking, partying, eating whatever you want and disregarding future success and financial stability.

But more men need to understand that working hard during your teens and 20’s is key to making the most of those peak years.

Life gets easier around 27 and very comfortable in your 30’s when things should start showing signs of coming together.

If men peak around 35 – 37, then being successful and in shape around this time will only help/amplify this effect.

Those men who do take care of themselves can increase this peak from around 30 to 50 if they’re smart. By smart I mean getting in shape young and achieving success in their late 20’s/early 30’s. By working on yourself throughout this period, a man can remain in his peak well into his 40’s and even up to the age of 50 when Father-time becomes nearly impossible to stop via natural methods.