Fat guys have already bulked

Why fat guys should stop doing cardio and start lifting heavy

Dear all heavy guys, please get off the treadmill!

With New Year coming, the gyms are about to be filled with those attempting to get in shape for the year ahead and make a change.

This is a great goal to have and I would never discourage anyone from trying to move forward with this area of their life.

However it’s the fat guys I want to talk to. The reason I say fat guys without feeling like I’m fat shaming is because being a fat man is far from a bad thing. In fact, fat men are 50% on their way to claiming the perfect body, but just don’t realise it.

Skinny Fat

Hours and hours on the treadmill and where has it ever got anyone?

If you’re a female you’ll perform 3 leg days and 2 cardio days per week and look like a model.

For men things are a lot different. Men need muscle and testosterone in order to burn body fat the correct way. Heavy guys already have high fat storage which means high estrogen.

Getting on a treadmill and performing hours of cardio is only going to increase your estrogen and past a certain point your cortisol.

Take a look at any marathon runner, hardly the body we all strive for. If you begin doing cardio and you’re already overwight then you’ll get the “skinny fat” look where your skin doesn’t fit your body. Most would agree this is the worst body type. At least fat guys look cool, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and Escobar come to mind.

The Fat Guy Advantages

Most see being overweight as a disadvantage but fat guys are perfectly placed to have the body that all men strive for and all women turn their eye for.

Big Legs – advantage 1, fat guys have been carrying around perhaps 100’s of extra pounds for years, this is like a skinny guy wearing a 100lbs vest all day everyday. This is going to lead to bigger muscles especially in your legs.

Have you ever seen a heavy guy that doesn’t have giant calves? Even after they get in shape the calves remain. Skinny guys, even muscular guys train for years to increase their calve size and most fail. Fat guys already have the base in place.

Bulking – Bulking clean or dirty takes years of effort to get to the size you want to be.

Heavy guys have already done this. Whether it looks good or not fat guys have the frame in place ready to be transformed, that’s halfway there.

Heavy frame equals heavier weights – Bodyweight means a lot in the world of heavy lifting. Heavy guys can easily lift heavier weights after a couple months of training due to their extra bodyweight.

This equates to quicker muscle gains. The stronger you get the more muscle you’re going to build. A heavy guy can do this early on in their journey.

Lifting Heavy

heavy lifting to burn fat

Steve Walker who we filmed the 25 best exercises for burning body fat video with recently went through a cut himself.

He had been bulking for around 8 months and decided to cut his body fat down to around 8 percent for 2020.

When I asked him how it’s going he said it’s easier than ever, now that he has around 10kg of added muscle. He said the body fat is simply falling from his body.

More men need to realise that in order to burn fat they need to build muscle and increase testosterone levels.

Once they achieve this from lifting heavy weights and performing compound lifts/dynamic movements, they’ll see the fat convert to muscle.

This is why fat guys are pefectly positioned, they have everything they need in place, however they’re simply training wrong.


Sam Asghari

Sam Asghari was close to 300lbs and decided to start eating clean and lift heavy weights. Today he dates Britney Spears and stars in music videos.

fat to muscular body transformation

Ramses Principe

Ramses looked like your average overweight guy until he decided to turn that fat into muscle. Today he’s a successful PT, has dated some of Instagram’s hottest women and has a thick proportionate body both upper body and lower.

fat to muscular body

Health Aspect

Two rules, you’re not trying to lose weight you’re trying to lose fat.

Secondly, if your Dr tells you to lose weight before training as your health is at serious risk, then it’s best to take their advice and drop the weight needed to maintain health/stay alive first and foremost. The guys above made their transformations when they were still able to move and live relatively healthy lifestyles.

I wouldn’t want you to get underneath a giant squat weight and cause damage, always take care of your health first, then focus on the aesthetics.