glute exercises for men

Glute workouts for men | The 11 best exercises

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Glutes are not what you would call a muscular concern for most men. The majority of men are interested in building their chest, arms, shoulders and back muscles.

Encouraging men to train legs is working, but throwing in a single day of deadlifts and squats isn’t going to cut it.

The glutes are the largest and supposed to be strongest muscles in the body, yet for most people their the weakest and much smaller than they should be, especially for men.

We as men are yet to jump on the glute gains movement, but there are major benefits to building larger and stronger glutes.

I myself realised the benefits of glutes while I was a personal trainer. Therefore in this content I teamed up with partner and fitness expert at 1STMAN Steve Walker to bring you the best glute workout for men and building mass.

Steve has been a fitness enthusiast for 20 years and a personal trainer for over 10. Steve’s passion won him 1st place in the drug free bodybuilding association or UKDFBA  for the men’s heavyweight bodybuilding competition.

Benefits of strong glutes

  • Prevents injury as the glutes support the other muscles in the legs and the lower back when lifting
  • Increased speed and acceleration
  • Stronger lower back
  • Better posture
  • The body part women find most attractive in multiple studies happens to be the glutes
  • Large increase in squat and deadlift PB
  • Increased fat loss – more muscle equals more fat burning and the glutes are a large muscle that should be used to experience this benefit to full effect

Glute workouts for men

Lets be honest, as men we’re not looking to tone our glutes and win any bikini competitions. We want glute workouts for mass. This looks strong, gives us a fantastic weight training platform and is attractive to women. Here are 11 workouts you can do to build mass for your glutes.

Tire flips

Tire flips are a great way to get that deep squat feeling but in a more dynamic way. Squats are great for the entire lower body, but tend to be quad and hamstring dominant. In order to activate the glutes you need forward momentum which the tire flips give you.

Weighted hyper-extensions

The hyper-extension is an exercise that cannot be emulated any other way. Once down, you’re heavily relying on your glutes to hold you and bring you back up. Be careful and don’t come up too far, this can cause issues with your lower back.

Sumo squats

Sumo squats are all about foot positioning. By having your feet wider you activate the inner thigh and glutes. This is especially true for taller men.

Hip thrusts

Perhaps the ultimate glute exercise for men. Number one it gets results, number two it looks masculine. Grab two large plates on the barbell and sit on the floor with your back and shoulders on a bench. Place the barbell on your lap and raise your hips to full extension whilst holding the barbell with both hands.

Straight leg deadlift

A favourite with women and understandably why. This exercise relies heavily on the glutes rep after rep for the entire range of motion. You don’t have to lift too heavy to experience results, this isn’t like your normal deadlift.


An underrated exercise for everything. There isn’t a sprinter alive who isn’t in great shape. Sprints engage the glutes and rely on them for forward motion. Anyone in top level sport with speed and power (a running back, 100m runner or even footballer) have giant glutes. For the best results use hill sprints.

High angle leg press

The leg press will not be new to anyone who is familiar with leg days. However it’s the angle you may be getting wrong. There are two types of leg press machines. One flat and one set at a high angle. For glute results the high angle leg press is the one you need. Dropsets work great with leg pressing.

Piston squats

A difficult bodyweight exercise where weight can be added once you get better. The piston squat places all of your bodyweight on one leg, and engages the glutes during the two transitions up and down.

Abductor machine

One that most men will shy away from because of the way it looks is the abductor machine. This will give your glutes a well-rounded appearance as it works the lateral muscles in the glutes and the hips.

Kneeling down pull throughs

Pull throughs are close to being as good as hip thrusts for glute gains and glute mass. The only let down is standing makes it easier. By kneeling you take bodyweight out of the equation and force the glutes to do even more of the work.

Backward lunges

Lunges are great for leg days and do work glutes. Backward lunges focus on the standing leg that is forced to bear the weight and task of stabilization. This happens in the glute and is a great way to build mass in your glutes.