testosterone for success

Low Testosterone makes Success very Difficult

Testosterone Success Benefits

More Competitive

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of having high testosterone is your desire to want to compete. Top athletes all have a burning desire to be better than everybody else and it helps them during training, when their teams losing, etc. In your own journey wanting to WIN will have a huge impact when things get tough.

As we get older and our T levels drop, that passion to beat others fades, especially after we have kids which science has shown. Keeping your body fat low and lifting heavy weights is key to staying on top of this.

More likely to take risks

Being a risk taker separates those who succeed and those who fit in with the rest of society. A man with high testosterone will swing the bat at a risky opportunity and hit a homerun when everyone else would let it pass by. This is why men with high testosterone rise to the top. They’re willing to risk it all for a chance at their perfect life, whereas other men would rather settle.

More optimistic

Having a positive outlook certainly helps when things get hard. Optimism is a giant driving force for men. It allows us to picture the future life we’re going to have and then work hard in the current moment. For anyone who believes in the law of attraction being optimistic is a giant advantage.

Better focus

We all know someone who cannot focus on a single task, low testosterone will do that to you. It’s a no brainer to think that improved focus will increase your chances of success, you simply get more done. However, too high testosterone can make you too distracted by sex, the way around this is sexual transmutation.

More decisive decision making

In business and the workplace, making decisions is part of everyone’s daily tasks. The decision made isn’t necessarily the most important factor, it’s never as simple as right or wrong. Sometimes both decisions are right, one is just quicker or better long term. However higher testosterone will enable you to make these decisions there and then, and then see them through. Low testosterone can usually be seen in perfectionists who aren’t willing to move forward until they’re 100% certain. This wastes time and causes a lack of action and progress.

More energy and better health

Having higher energy and never getting ill simply means you can do more and you’ll take less days off. Having high testosterone is great for both, men with high T levels can work relentlessly for years with no loss of enthusiasm, which ultimately makes them successful. A man with low testosterone will give up, start something else, procrastinate and so on.

27% more selfish

How can this help? Selfish men are on the whole more successful. They avoid marriage, time wasters, kids, unwanted expenditure and more in order to get where they want first. They know there’s time for family life later down the line.

Increases desire for revenge

Nothing fuels a success story like an ex-girlfriend or someone who betrayed you/bullied you at school. Testosterone will enable you to use this as motivation to get to where you want to be.

Lower stress

As soon as stress goes up, your success suffers. You don’t perform like you did in the workplace or you start making rash decisions in order to put things right. High testosterone will allow you to stay calm under pressure and come out the other side in a better position.

More sexually desirable (Less effort)

This is a major benefit as it means less time trying to find a partner to either be with or have sex with. A low testosterone man may spend years searching for “Mrs Right”. A high T man will simply go out 1 night per month and get 10 numbers, which means he has more time to focus on success.

Increased ambition

Very few men have real ambition. I truly believe less than 5% of men have that burning desire to become something incredible. High testosterone will get you there via ambition. The higher your T levels go, the more you’ll want. Consequently, the more success you achieve the higher your T levels go, of course to a certain point.