Successful men stay single

MGTOW – Do successful men stay single?

MGTOW – Men going their own way is a new mindset/movement among young males who believe they are slaves to women and feminist enforcers.

As the name suggests MGTOW is all about being independent and not submitting to social pressures or expectations. Men from the MGTOW movement believe that marriage, cohabiting, dating and the general practice of chasing women is a waste of time and something that is forced upon us by society. Not your protectors, not your providers and not your baby makers is a common promotion of the belief.

I accidently came across MGTOW when living out my own life and making the decision to stay away from women or chasing women for 5 years in order to achieve more. The results were unbelievable which made me question if men should stay single while they’re young in order to achieve success. Years later the MGTOW mentality developed and I wanted to help others who have the same ambitions.

The practice of MGTOW may be extreme and has obvious much deeper insecurities that need addressing, however the core values behind MGTOW may be onto something.


It’s no secret that marriage is flawed. 40% of marriages now end in divorce and these figures are outdated as we were hearing this 10 years ago.

It’s also no secret that when these marriages do end, in the majority of circumstances the man gets financially stripped and the woman walks away with more than she walked into the relationship with, these are common facts.

With this being the case it’s no surprise that millions of men are saying no to marriage. Why would you want to enter an agreement that has a 40% chance of taking minimum 50% of your net worth/savings?

This is the conclusion that men from the MGTOW movement have made and it’s hard to blame them.

When you analyse marriage you begin to see it for what it really is. In exchange for thousands you get a ring, a shared last name and some photos for Instagram. Yet when you see the reaction women have to being proposed to you’d think they’d received an extra life!

It’s strange how society has built marriage up to be this all powerful end goal that we must achieve. Yet once achieved no one’s life improves, there’s no increased loyalty, a slight tax reduction and a whole lot of money made by divorce lawyers.

It wouldn’t be a shock if marriage became completely obsolete in the next 20 years, especially as more and more men begin to understand that it’s done to financially protect women yet has zero benefit for the man.

Equal rights/unequal tasks

A common topic within the MGTOW groups is how women strive for equality yet still promote old school notions such as; the man should pay. The man should approach the woman, make the first move and be the one who asks her out. The man should use 3 months of his yearly salary to pay for an engagement ring to prove he loves the woman. The man should always drive. The man should jump to her aid and protect her. The man should be the shoulder to cry on and listen to her worries.

Men of the MGTOW movement challenge these believes and it must be said, rightly so. If women want equality, then why should men be expected to follow these rules like love struck sheep?

As crazy as the MGTOW believes seem when you first hear them, given time and further thought, you start to see where they’re coming from and find yourself strongly agreeing with the obvious holes in male and female courtship.

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Is there anything to suggest men are more successful when they ignore women?

It must be said that thousands of men and male success stories have been attributed to a strong and supportive wife or girlfriend.

But are we giving the spouse too much credit? Jeff Bezo’s founder of Amazon recently had a public divorce where his wife became one of the richest people alive. Women naturally claimed that she deserved every penny for being a supportive wife throughout. However many men would argue that such a business genius would’ve achieved the same level of success regardless yet she wouldn’t have got anywhere close.

What would happen if more men avoided the traditional dating, girlfriend and wife route and opted for a more selfish personal growth path?

MGTOW successful men

Time restraints

Dating, caring, talking, sex, cuddling, Valentines Day, lazy Sundays, all of these relationship related activities take time out of your life. When people talk about relationsips they talk about an emotional and spiritual investment, but very few mention the sheer amount of time required to build and maintain a relationship.

If you and your partner live together it’s expected that you at least spend weekends and evenings together. The rest of the time you’re at work, this leaves zero time for working on yourself or furthering your success.

If you’re in the early stages of dating a woman, 1 date per week is common. After a while that rises to 2, maybe 3, before you know where you are you’re spending all of your spare time with this woman.

If things go well, then great, but very few people find their wife on the first try. Chances are you’ve dated a high number of women since you were 18, that’s a lot of wasted time on the wrong people that could’ve been better spent.

Added costs

Lets say you’re trying to get a business off the ground and it’s going to take a significant investment of twenty thousand over the next 3 years. If you’ve got a girlfriend who you’re keen on keeping, it’s highly likely you’re going to spend twenty thousand comfortably on dates, birthdays, snacks, takeout, gifts, Christmas, Valentines Day, vacations and more during that time.

Men of the MGTOW movement see this an uneccesary expenditure that sucks their resources dry, yet rewards the woman with satisfaction.

It’s again hard not to agree with the men of MGTOW. Society does expect men to pay for dates, drive a nice car, buy an expensive ring, pay for the wedding and pay the mortgage. Then if you have anything left use it to raise children just so the woman can be happy with her life yet the man feels drained, restricted and powerless. The moment he purchases a sports car he’s going through a “mid-life crisis”.


Dating, sex, female company in general is enjoyable, but it’s hard to deny that it moves anyone’s life significantly forward. MGTOW believes that these are checkpoints put in place by society such as dating, marriage, how many women have you slept with and more are distractions.

Happy wife happy life is a popular quote, it speaks volumes as to the mindset of modern men. They spend so much time worrying about what women think of them, how to attract women or how to keep their partner happy that they become a slave to women or the one woman they’re with.

Difficult to argue

With all things considered it’s hard to argue that men, especially younger men would not benefit from the extra money and time. With less distractions and less importance placed on sex, chasing women, saving for marriage, a home and more it would have an obvious impact.

However you could also make a case that having a partner provides stability that makes the man smarter with his money. I’m sure millions of men would spend hours in strip clubs, thousands on escorts and weeks on lads holidays if they made it big and remained single.

But there is a case for MGTOW, it’s entirely possible that there’s a pool of millions of men who would be better off focusing on their own lives rather than creating one with a woman.

Those men with huge potential but who also place their entire value on the opinions and attention of women.

It must be said that a healthy balance is possible, but it’s hard to argue that the time and money saved wouldn’t be better spent building your own life first.