short men and success

Why Short Men are More Likely to Become Successful

It has been a common perception that most successful men have some kind of downfall.

Many believe that they’re trying to make up for something else and present this argument as a negative. But why would that be a negative, surely being born with a bad hand of cards and making the best of a bad situation should be celebrated?

The number of successful men who are either short, bald or from a poor background is astonishing. The chip on the shoulder mentality is something they develop from going through tough times, or not having everything handed to them on a plate. This is what gives them the drive and motivation to become successful in the first place.

Why Short Men Find Success Easier

Jeff Bezos (above), aka the richest man alive and perhaps on his way to becoming the first trillionaire in human history.

The fact Jeff is bald and 5ft 7 says a lot about the message we’re trying to get across here.

Growing Up

The popular kids get invited to every party, they date the most girls, they have the least free time and they get more yes’ than anyone else, whereas the unpopular kids have more free time to work on ideas and less distractions.

The short, unpopular kids with less get treated like viruses. This can be cruel but only for a limited amount of time.

It also creates a certain resentment and desire to make an impact in areas that can be changed. Example;

Genes/birth right – Height, hair loss, 60% of looks, natural frame, level of wealth

Environmental – Muscle mass, 40% of looks, success/level of wealth, knowledge, work rate, personality

The environmental factors can be changed to improve your lifestyle, which becomes very important in adult life.

Past a certain age, who you are matters far more than what you look like. Someone with every genetic gift who does nothing with it, is considered lower in perceived social value than a short, bald but wildly motivated and successful man. This is true in the eyes of both men and women which is an added bonus. Just look at the number of Bill Gates fanboys.

On the otherhand, a man born with everything will naturally become lazy. It’s hard to seek improvement when women come naturally, your genetics are great and you come from a family with a decent amount of money.


An extremely disproportionate number of male celebrities are short. Many people have spoken about how celebrity parties are like being around smaller versions of the people you see on screen.

Tom Cruise | 5ft 7

Bruno Mars | 5ft 2

Daniel Radcliffe | 5ft 5

Kit Harrington | 5ft 6

James Corden | 5ft 8

Conor McGregor | 5ft 9

Zac Efron | 5ft 6

Tom Hardy | 5ft 9

Johnny Depp | 5ft 9

Just to name a few. The desire to be recognised for something, or to rise to the top of the male hierarchy via an alternative route, must have a large part to play as the driving force.


The age old joke is that men with small penis’ become rich and buy expensive/flashy stuff, in order to compensate.

Even if that was the case where’s the issue?

What’s better, having a small dick and being broke, or the same situation as a billionaire?

The same is true when it comes to being a short man. Everyone knows and women don’t hide the fact, that taller men are more sought after. Ideally every woman wants a 6ft 4, movie star, with Chris Hemsworth’s body and Elon Musk’s brain, but it isn’t possible for 99% of men.

At 18/21 many of us begin taking stock as the growth phase ends. We realise the way we look around this age is pretty much it until we regress and begin to age to the point of being unrecognisable with our grey hair around 50.

This is when, post education, many guys will have an idea in mind of their own social value and position in the male hierarchy.

At this point you either play stick or twist. Many men will take what they have and begin moving through life at a leisurely rate. However a small portion of men have a desire to be more and experience life on a higher plain. The majority of men who opt down this route will have some form of shortcoming.

The cursed flaw that has troubled them throughout their teens and early 20’s becomes an encouraging factor to compensate in other areas. They realise that being 5ft 7 is a single part of their identity, and although it cannot be changed there are hundreds if not thousands of other traits/identity tags that can be. Therefore they begin to work tirelessly to create an upperhand in areas outside of physical height, such as the rule of six – six pack abs or a six figure income.

The result – A man who has outweighed societies perceived flaws by playing the game of nurture vs nature and won.