12 Childish Traits Men Should Lose by 30

Reaching 30 years old feels like a major milestone for men.

The characteristics that come along with being in your 20’s are expected to be erased within 24 hours as you evolve into stage 2 of being a man.

It’s unfair when you think about it. We’ve only had independence for around 12 years, yet we’re expected to have everything sorted. We don’t agree with this, being a millionaire with a mortgage, kids and wife isn’t exactly realistic or wise by 30.

Instead in this list we’re going to mention 12 things we believe anyone has the ability to change and that also benefit your life in a self-improvement sense.

12 Childish Traits Men Should Lose by 30

Do the following 12 things, add the correct behaviours to your life and watch your life improve day after day.

Masturbation & Porn

Nothing slows and controls men more than masturbation and porn. If you were to look at the conspiracy aspect of porn, then you’d go down a 100 mile rabbit hole about how it is used to keep us dumb and lazy. However, on the surface porn and masturbation itself is simply a sloppy habbit, something you don’t associate with grown successful men.

It takes up time, it drains energy, importantly sexual energy and it messes with your dopamine and motivation to get stuff done in life.

Get rid of porn and masturbation as soon as possible in your life. If you’re 30 years old or above get rid of it today.

Going to Bed Late & Waking Up Late

There’s nothing more fun that staying up all night eating junk food and playing COD with your friends when you’re 16-18. As a 30 year old man staying up until 3am watching Family Guy and feeling terrible the next day just doesn’t sound as romantic.

It’s your responsibility as a man by 30 years old to have a regular sleeping schedule that sees you get to bed early and wake up early. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you’re in bed at the latest by 10pm and wake up at the latest by 6am.

If you can even do this on weekends you’ll be a winner in life.

Poor Health

Being unhealthy doesn’t help anyone. You look worse, you feel unfit, you’re putting yourself at risk and thus those around you.

Eat clean, monitor what you put into your body, prevention is the best cure. Before 30 you can get away with eating crap and living poorly. Beyond 30 it’ll catch up with you and you’ll begin to suffer.

Not Exercising

Being in shape and healthy is mature, sexy and wise. There are so many benefits of going to the gym, going on morning runs and more.

You’re going to feel more positive, healthier, happier, more confident, etc. The list of benefits are endless, not to mention a much higher liklihood of a longer life.

Wasting Time

A Netflix and chill weekend is fun at 18 during Uni years. But at 30 years old it feels like a crime.

We have limited time on this planet as it is, wasting even more seems silly. This also brings us back to the point about getting to bed early. So many will say waking up early is pointless as you get the same hours regardless. But this isn’t true, firstly if you’re up early you’re around at sociable hours. Secondly your natural bodies cycle wants to be awake during sunlight and asleep during the dark periods. It’ll make you feel better and more energised.

Should you wake up early and go to bed early, you’ll be ahead of the game and more energised thus getting more done and making the most of your time.


It doesn’t take long in life to realise that complaining doesn’t get you far.

Instead of complaining you may as well be proactive and push forward. By 30 years old complaining should be removed from your life in favour of being proactive and doing something to change whatever you don’t like.

Getting Drunk

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two, or even 3. But getting to the point where you’re not responsible for yourself anymore is not acceptable. No 30 year old man should be carried home, or helped up from the gutter surrounded by their own sick.

To be honest this sort of behaviour should be removed after 21, 25 at a push. It’s not attractive, healthy or helpful to anyone.

Spending Priorities

Buying a car on finance, a new Xbox, a giant TV, a lads holiday and expensive Gucci shoes feels great, but it’s not the best way to allocate your finances.

By the age of 30 your money should be used to pay bills first and foremost, then used to better yourself/drive your life forward. By 30, if you’re not investing that spare £5000 into your business, but rather investing that money into a new car, then you’re going to have issues moving into the future.

Getting Embarrassed

Being the coolest guy in the room is great when you’re young, in fact at times it feels like the only thing that matters.

However at a certain age you can’t worry about how others view you. If your passion is street dance, but you’re afraid of the feedback doing it in public, then you need to have a word with yourself.

By 30 you should know who you want to be, the type of person you are, what you like and what you want. If you’re still ashamed or nervous of doing the things you love, then there’s underlying issues that need looking at.

Careless Appearance

Wearing a hoodie and shorts feels great on a lazy day, but by 30 your outer appearance needs to be your first impression.

By 30 there has to be a plethora of suits, smart shoes and jackets ready for those big occasions, business meetings and dates.

This also includes regular grooming, smelling good and similar traits.

Being Late

Whatever you do in life, make sure you’re on time. There’s nothing more disrespectful than showing up late.

It also looks sloppy and immature.

Making Excuses

Self-accountability is perhaps the most mature trait on this list. It’s very rare for people to take blame for what’s gone wrong in their lives.

As a 30 year old man even if something isn’t your fault it’s time to stand up, take self-accountability and say what can i do to make things right.