women attracted to vegan men

Vegan men are more attractive, smell better & have higher testosterone

Being vegan is a big step, being a vegan man is an enormous step.

It’s an unwritten law among men that eating meat and drinking beer is the height of manliness.

Admit to your friends or a group of men that you’re vegan and expect to be met by the typical statements:

“Where do you get your protein”

“You’re going to get really skinny and lose all your muscle”

“Don’t you ever get hungry?”

“You’re soft”

I had this exact experience when I turned vegan but soon realised that the benefits of being vegan far outweighed the negative stigma.

Firstly a vegan diet is very high in protein. With the extra variety in food groups it ends up being a nutritionally superior diet.

Secondly a vegan diet is more filling than a meat based diet due to the extra gastrointestinal hormones.

On top of these facts, there may be another major reasons to consider adopting a plant based diet.

Vegan men are considered more attractive

According to dating app Zoosk, vegan men recieve 62% more messages than the average profile.

To confirm that this study wasn’t carried out with a small pool of people, Zoosk analysed close to 4 million profiles and over 350 million messages to see if food played a role in attraction.

Additionally in a study carried out in A British Journal Of Cancer Study 696 men took part, 233 of which were vegan and it was found that vegans had 13% more testosterone concentration than meat eaters and 8% higher than vegetarians.

On top of this, researchers in Prague found that vegan men smell better in the eyes of women as the diagram below highlights.

vegan men smell better

What does this all mean? Is it a logical fallacy that vegan men are more attractive or can we make sense of all this?

Why would vegan men recieve more messages and appear more attractive in the eyes of women?

Firstly we must say it’s entirely possible that women who are vegans are searching specifically for vegan men. As soon as they find them they are messaging because vegan men are a rarity.

However, with less than 5% of the world’s population being vegan and the majority of them being women it’s hard to make a case that women are ignoring all other men, especially when the meat eaters don’t have that trait expressed in their bio.

So what else is at play?

It’s no secret that dairy and meat are no good for us, documentaries like Cowspiracy and What The Health have shown us this. Having rotting flesh in the body isn’t exactly going to be a major advantage in terms of health and looks.

It would not be a stretch to think that vegan men are healthier and have access to a wider range of nutrients compared to their meat eating counterparts.

Because of this vegan men could be more pleasing on the eye. Here are some of the reported appearance benefits of a vegan diet:

Brighter eyes

Clearer skin

Thicker hair

Lower fat levels

Lower sodium levels – less puffiness

With that in mind, could vegan men simply look better in their pictures?

With nearly every female model/fitness model being vegan you do have to wonder if men adopted the same habits would they start to see aesthetic results?

There’s no doubting that a slimmer waistline, thicker hair, brighter eyes, clearer skin and more defined cheekbones, jawline and muscles would make you more attractive.

However it could also be said that anyone who is vegan is health conscious, therefore they are logically going to look better, perhaps even dress better which would correspondingly attract more women.

Why do vegan men smell better to women?

The first thing we could cover is the idea of rotting flesh being in your system. That can’t be healthy, neither can it give you the greatest odour.

Add to this the fact that vegan men in the above study had higher levels of testosterone and we can go down the pheremones route.

In the world of NOFAP a lot has been said about women being able to smell the pheremones of a man who hasn’t ejaculated in a while, (read our NOFAP article here) could the same be said for a man who has 13% more testosterone due to eating a vegan diet and who most likely has a cleaner body?

Vegan men get harder erections

Once attraction has happened, there may be another benefit for vegan men, less erectile dysfunction and harder erections.

The logic is, that clogged arteries from meat and dairy prevents blood flowing properly to the penis.

The arteries in the penis are actually much smaller than anywhere else in the body, therefore it doesn’t take much for ED to become an issue.

A vegan diet may result in less clogged arteries, combine this with 13% higher testosterone and it’s easy to see how less erectile dysfunction and harder erections can be achieved through a vegan diet.

 What should you do?

Everything in life should be a personal choice. Anyone who wants to stick to a meat based diet and chase women the old fashioned way is more than happy to do so.

However it has to be worth one month of your life. Why not give it a try, see if your skin does clear up, see if you can get in shape/feel healthier, you never know until you try.

Anything that makes you look better, feel better, helps attract partners and improves your sex game is worth an attempt at least.