benefits of working out high

12 benefits of working out high

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Being an advocator of cannabis, a former personal trainer and someone who actually works out high on a regular basis, I thought I would be the perfect person to speak on this topic.

It may sound counter-productive, but working out when high could have some major benefits to your performance, recovery and gains.

For centuries cannabis has been thought of as some terrible substance that parents fear.

However due to the availability of information and acceptance of other peoples beliefs that we have adopted in the modern era, cannabis is being widely used by people from all backgrounds.

This is leading to cannabis being used under various different situations that prior wouldn’t have gone hand in hand.

One of these situations is the gym or working out.

The popular thought is that in order to be your best in the gym, or on your run, you need to be focused, intense and in the zone. This comes from a pre-workout supplement, motivating music and an early morning for a lot of people.

However many are finding that working out when high is giving them the best results of their lives.

6 time Mr Olympia winner Dorian Yates speaks about his usage of cannabis to aid his workouts on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. (See our article The 26 Best Joe Rogan Podcasts)

He mentions how nearly every Mr Olympia competitor uses cannabis in order to relax and improve their physiques. He also talks about how it is full of anti-oxidants and has anti-aging properties.

Joe Rogan himself is a user and always incorporates cannabis into his runs and workouts. In a separate podcast Joe talks about how many endurance athletes use cannabis by smoking before they run.

Joe mentions how the endurance runners believe that cannabis dilates the lungs and allows them to take in more oxygen.

You expect to see sports like skateboarding or surfing incorporating cannabis into their lifestyle but perhaps not MMA.

Fighters need to be sharp and aggressive in order to compete, so surely slowing everything down and relaxing isn’t a smart idea?

Jui-Jitsu has always had a culture of being relaxed, especially under pressure. The Gracies are a Brazillian family that helped develop BJJ and quite frankly put it on the mainstage in MMA.

They would encourage students to put themselves in uncomfortable positions in training so they could learn to stay calm under pressure.

This has rippled through to all BJJ communities today where it’s very common to find a room of people smoking cannabis prior to training/rolling together.

 What are the benefits of working out high?

It’s important to note that the benefits will not work if you turn up to the gym completely gone trying to figure out why your body can move the way it moves. By high we mean similar to the videos above, smoke enough to feel relaxed but still functional.

  • Lowers inflammation
  • Feel good association with the gym/working out
  • Less pain during and after workouts
  • Muscles feel loose and ease of movement is achieved
  • Lowers cortisol and consequently stress which enables the body, specifically your muscles to perform at their best
  • Aids immunity
  • Speeds up recovery by helping muscles, bones, tissue and nerves
  • Decreases feelings of nausea after workouts
  • Improves focus
  • You can workout harder for longer
  • Improve joint aches
  • Can potentially increase oxygen in the lungs

Many companies have even started recognising the benefits of cannabis whilst working out and have opted for a safer and less regulated option via CBD infused fitness related products.

CBD is cannabis without the THC psychedelic compound that gives you the high.

This means all of the benefits listed above for fitness without the high.